Barbara Lloyd: KPBS Journalist Katie Schoolov Filming Michael Bear on Ruby E Wreck for Upcoming Special

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Michael Bear: Adult Horn Shark off La Jolla Shores

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Marine Science Today Guest Blog: Ocean Sanctuaries’ Citizen Science Programs

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Blue Shark off San Diego Credit: Michael Bear



By Michael Bear

Citizen Science Project Director

Ocean Sanctuaries

At Ocean Sanctuaries, we believe that the field of citizen science has finally come into its own in the 21st Century. With more and more divers and non-divers alike becoming aware of the critical state of both the oceans and even the planet itself, now is the time for citizen scientists to assist in the collection of scientific data in a scientifically sound manner, so that ocean managers can begin to assess what needs to be done to prevent further damage to the oceans.

In March of 2014, we established Ocean Sanctuaries as San Diego’s first ocean-related non-profit devoted almost exclusively to citizen science. There are many fine ocean non-profits in existence, but not too many specifically devoted to marine citizen science projects.

Read more: http://marinesciencetoday.com/2015/04/03/ocean-sanctuaries-citizen-science-programs/#ixzz3WSvPSkWO

California Diver Magazine: Ocean Sanctuaries Offers 2 Citizen Science Shark Programs

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Smooth Hammerhead shark  Photo credit: Kyle McBurnie

Smooth Hammerhead shark
Photo credit: Kyle McBurnie

“With Spring and Sevengill shark season right around the corner, Ocean Sanctuaries has two citizen science shark monitoring programs for California divers to choose from.”





Giant Limpet Spawning

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Painted Greenling

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Examiner: Ocean Sanctuaries Planning Marine Life Survey of Yukon Warship

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Beginning in early to mid- 2015, San Diego non-profit Ocean Sanctuaries is planning to give SCUBA divers an opportunity to contribute to a citizen science survey of the warship Yukon, which was sunk off the coast of San Diego back in 2000 and has served as a successful artificial reef ever since. The original marine life survey done by the San Diego Ocean Foundations in 2004 has provided a baseline study to follow up on after a decade.

See here for more information: http://www.examiner.com/article/ocean-sanctuaries-planning-marine-life-survey-of-warship-yukon

A Complete Tour of the Yukon: Inside and Out

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Octo Out in the Open in La Jolla Canyon

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Michael Maes and Ellen Cuylaerts: ‘Poetry eMotion’

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Poetry eMotion: “Byron Beholds Kona” from Michael Maes on Vimeo.