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USAF brat, grew up abroad, now live and work in San Diego.

–Science Diving Editor at California Diver Magazine

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–PADI Master Diver with over 1000 cold-water dives in California

Examiner: Ocean Sanctuaries Planning Marine Life Survey of Yukon Warship

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Beginning in early to mid- 2015, San Diego non-profit Ocean Sanctuaries is planning to give SCUBA divers an opportunity to contribute to a citizen science survey of the warship Yukon, which was sunk off the coast of San Diego back in 2000 and has served as a successful artificial reef ever since. The original marine life survey done by the San Diego Ocean Foundations in 2004 has provided a baseline study to follow up on after a decade.

See here for more information:

Michael Maes and Ellen Cuylaerts: ‘Poetry eMotion’

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Poetry eMotion: “Byron Beholds Kona” from Michael Maes on Vimeo.

SD Expeditions: Mako and Hammerhead Meet Somewhere Off the Coast of San Diego

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A great video by Kyle McBurnie of  SD Expeditions/Ocean Sanctuaries of a Mako and Hammerhead swimming together, taken somewhere off the coast of San Diego.

(Used with Permission)

Diving in California This weekend? Log Your Shark Sightings with Ocean Sanctuaries

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Smooth Hammerhead shark  Photo credit: Kyle McBurnie

Smooth Hammerhead shark
Photo credit: Kyle McBurnie




Log your shark sightings with Ocean Sanctuaries:


Sevengill Sharks here:


All other shark species can be logged here, with National Geographic’s ‘Fieldscope’ citizen science tool:

Raleigh Moody: Leapard Sharks and a Sea Turtle in La Jolla

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Speech at the UN: Climate Change is Real…….Climate Change is Here.

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Ron Lagerlof: A Good Planet is Hard to Find

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A Good Planet… from Ron Lagerlof on Vimeo.

Riley Elliott: Media Perception of Sharks vs Scientific Perception of Sharks

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Global Underwater Explorers LA: Great White Encounter

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Too Close for Comfort. A Great Wonderful Summer (GWS) experience from Cyrille R on Vimeo.

Kyle McBurnie: 1st Hammerhead Entered Into Ocean Sanctuaries’ ‘Sharks of San Diego’

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